Blast Families:

On behalf of the PYSL board and our Director of Coaching, I wanted to update everyone on the most recent information we have regarding the 2020 Presidio League season.

As of now, all Cal South club members are still in Phase One of Return to Play. This is the same phase that all clubs have been in since the inception of field training- and continues to allow for social distancing drills without intra-squad, inter-squad or outside club scrimmages or competitive play.

Presidio has changed their monthly meetings to bi-weekly meetings to keep all clubs abreast of any updates or new information, and the last meeting was held on September 1st. At the last meeting, there was no new information regarding progression into Phase Two or beyond for Return to Play.

At the September 1st meeting, Bob Turner (executive director of the Presidio League) told all the clubs that the new projected season start date is now October 17th. The goal from Presidio is still to have a full season, though as previously mentioned, the format most likely will be amended to have a 10 game vs 12 game season, and may include multiple Sunday games per team to capture the full schedule.

There are multiple variables for the league to consider in order to implement a season. Some of the bigger challenges include limited field space for many clubs that rely on school fields. This is true for Blast, as we play all of our 9v9 games at PBMS and some of our 11v11 games as well at this field- as well of our use of Mission Bay High School for our older 11v11 games. At this time, PBMS, MBHS and all SD Unified School fields that are not joint use fields continue to be closed until schools allow staff and children back onto campuses.

The PYSL Board and DOC are working to provide alternative options should the season move forward before PBMS and MBHS are available.

Unfortunately, due to the uncertain nature of when we will progress to future phases of the Return to Play policy, and the many protocols in place needed to adhere to even the Phase 1 guidelines, PYSL has cancelled the 2020 Fall PYSL Rec soccer season. This decision was put off as long as possible as we hoped to progress into subsequent phases of the Return to Play but it never happened. If/when we do progress into future phases, PYSL is looking at any/all options to provide some type of soccer experience to the community at the earliest possible date.

On another note, a few clubs within Presidio have been collecting data regarding any reported COVID-19 cases from active soccer participants. To date, there have been no reported COVID-19 cases within Presidio that have been associated with team training’s. I can not attest on the methodology of the data collection, but Blast SC has had no reported COVID-19 cases that were related to soccer participation. We continue to adhere to requiring face masks for entry and exiting the fields, temperature checks before practices and appropriate distancing practices. These procedures will remain in place for the immediate future and will be in accordance to the State, SD County and Cal South guidelines.

Lastly, I would like to remind everyone that Blast SC and all Cal South clubs are still being monitored for adherence to the above mentioned current protocols, and we recently received an update from Cal South indicating that any breech of protocols can result in suspensions of club staff personal or clubs that are not practicing the mandated protocols. We understand that everyone is looking forward to full soccer practices, scrimmages and games, but we must all contribute to staying within our allowed formats and practices to best allow progression towards a full return to play. This includes providing field monitors at practices, and we must continue to have all teams provide volunteers for this role in order for practices sessions to continue. Thank you for all of the people that have volunteered to date- team managers should continue distributing the sign up document for volunteers.

I will continue to send out bi-weekly email updates that follow the Presidio League meetings so that we can continue best informing and updating all of you about progression into the season.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email:

Thank you,

Rob Worms

Director PYSL Blast Soccer