IMPORTANT – please read ALL directions below BEFORE you begin!!

Before registering for a Blast team you will need the following:
This is linked to your family account through Calsouth.  Any player that has ever played soccer for a Calsouth team (i.e. – PYSL, La Jolla Impact, Matrix, etc) has an account already that was created on the back end by the registrar. If you do not have a Calsouth account or cannot remember  your login, please contact Affinity Software by clicking the ‘forgot username/password’ button. You just need your email address that you used when you previously registered through PYSL. You can also email Patti Ghio at to reset your password.  Please include the player’s name and your contact phone. DO NOT CREATE A DUPLICATE RECORD as your child will not be rostered to a team through Affinity Software if a duplicate record is created.
Your coach or team manager should have supplied you with your team’s code.
You will not be able to complete the application if you do not have a copy of the birth certificate and a current picture ready to upload to the application
The registration fee from tryouts to March 7th is $525. The registration fee from March 8th – November 23rd is $545.  Incoming transfers  November 24th – July 31st are $100. Payment types accepted are credit cards and e-checks.  The fee for using a credit card will be 2.5% of the total and the fee for using an e-check will be $5.00. 
·        A PRINTER
You must print the receipt for your records and supply your team manager with a copy of the receipt and two signed copies of the registration form.
  1. Click here to begin online Blast player registration or scroll to bottom of page and click on the ‘click here to begin registration button’. Choose ‘player registration’ and username/password for Calsouth account.
  2. Click the green ‘continue’ button on the family registration page and click blue ‘register as player’ button on the next screen (create registration screen).
  3. This will pop up the ‘Team Assignment Code’ field for fill in. You will need this code from your coach/team manager.
  4. Click on the drop down arrows for ‘required photo/birth cert’ and click to upload.
  5. Choose file to upload into each (If you have any trouble with the upload, try another browser.)
  6. Click to accept all information and waivers. Click green ‘Agree & Continue’ button.
  7. Choose payment method (echeck fee is $5 and credit card fee is 2.5% of total).
  8. Click the blue ‘Print Receipts & Forms’ button and print two copies of your player application and receipt. These will need to be signed and given to your team manager by March 1st.


  1. Do not fill out this form unless you have been invited to join a Blast SC Team.
  2. Please turn in your Blast SC Application directly to your team manager or coach.
  3. Blast SC Registration Fee:   $525 until March 7th/$545 beginning March 8th
  4. Additional fees for tournaments and/or other items are individually determined by each Coach.

Cal South Blast Club Player Application (blank for reference)

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